About SweetCheeks Wax Parlor

SweetCheeks Wax Parlor

SweetCheeks Wax Parlor, a premier Tucson waxing salon, is owned and operated by Kelly Bolen since 2010. SweetCheeks specializes in waxing services for both women and men (equal opportunity waxing!).

SweetCheeks Wax Parlor uses only the highest quality wax for hair removal – hard wax for the most delicate areas (brow, lip, underarms, Brazilians) and strip wax for the larger areas of the body. This ensures that even the most stubborn hair will be removed gently and thoroughly, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and hair-free!

Kelly’s high standards in waxing will guarantee that every experience at SweetCheeks Wax Parlor will be an amazing one!

From brows to Brazilians, and everything in between – where there’s hair, SweetCheeks is there!!

Principles of Our Work


We love our Tucson community! Customer Service is always the Number 1 priority at SweetCheeks. Our ambition is to provide the best quality service in a warm, super friendly, and clean environment every day. We are beyond thankful & humbled by the people who choose SweetCheeks Wax Parlor!


We understand the importance of detail and know a thing or two about perfectionism! We get how one hair can make or break that sharp edge to your beautiful brows. Or getting home only to find patches of unwanted hair left behind. Don’t stress! At SweetCheeks we go places others fear to go to ensure your skin is clean and silky smooth!

Fast Service

Because we know your time is valuable, we want to make it convenient for you. Before work, on your lunch break, or on the way home from your busy day, anytime! SweetCheeks takes pride in providing the efficient and high quality services you want!


Our passion is providing our customers with the highest quality of waxing services in a fun and, most importantly, clean and comfortable atmosphere!

Meet The Owner


Kelly Bolen

esthetician, studio owner
Kelly’s high standards in business and customer service will guarantee that every experience at SweetCheeks Wax Parlor will be an amazing one!